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Adult coloring is trending; everyone is stressed out nowadays. If you are looking for a way to relieve your stress, look no further. Hobbies sometimes have a high start-up cost or take a lot of time to develop those skills. But coloring is something you have been doing since childhood. It is nostalgic, and to be good at the skill at it requires just a little bit of focus. That focus can pull you away from outside stressors, which we are all escaping. Also, by the end of a coloring session, you can be rewarded with a great-looking picture that makes you proud. 

The 13 online courses on adult coloring that are perfect for every level are:

  1. Skillshare: Colouring! Level Up Your Adult Colouring Game
  2. Skillshare: Develop an Eye Candy Coloring Style with Brush Markers
  3. Skillshare: Coloring with Markers – Create Texture & Effects
  4. Skillshare: Coloring for Adults: How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette.
  5. YouTube: Beginners Guide to Adult Coloring with Colored Pencils – A Pencil Stash Tutorial
  6. YouTube: Free Floral Coloring Class for Markers & Pencils
  7. YouTube: Online Class: Adult Coloring 201 | Michael’s
  8. Coloring Class:
  9. Creative Coloring Course:
  10. Udemy: Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course
  11. Udemy: Colored Pencils Art Class
  12. Udemy: Coloring For Happiness: Max Cuddleecat
  13. Character Coloring with Copic Markers Course

Most classes below will supply recommendations and techniques with which those teachers find success. They offer lessons with different mediums while also covering things like style and texture. Which class you choose is all about what you want. There is also the option to build your skills to a professional level. All of these classes can work for you, whether you are taking your first steps in your coloring journey or you are advanced in your skills.

Here are several websites where you can find a large selection of free classes.

Skillshare offers free courses for Adult Coloring

Some of the many classes offered are:

Colouring! Level Up Your Adult Colouring Game

This class is a beginner course that offers nine projects. Your instructor will teach you how to use the crayons and tools that most people have on hand. Also, if you want to buy supplies, she gives recommendations. This class is about enjoying the craft.

Develop an Eye Candy Coloring Style with Brush Markers

There are four lessons taught during this class: Materials, Technique, and Magic Touches. A beginner-level class with great reviews. You learn the ins and outs of brush markers and why those may be the medium for you.

Coloring with Markers – Create Texture & Effects 

A class with 17 lessons, this is a great route for Intermediate Artists. There are 9 Projects which dive into fixing mistakes and how to show your work. It also focuses on using a blender tool to create depth in your work.

Coloring for Adults: How to Pick the Perfect Color Palette

A Beginner-level course with twelve lessons taught in an approachable style. There is a class project due at the end after you have gone through the question of why you should choose a color palette. This class also includes a shortcut section to get beautiful results with less effort.

YouTube is a Great Resource for skill-building

Beginners Guide to Adult Coloring with Colored Pencils – A Pencil Stash Tutorial

This is a course great for those just starting and those who want to learn a little bit more in the world of adult coloring. She guides you through the video with a pleasant tone of voice. A large portion of the video goes over the importance of the quality of supplies you seek out and why quality supplies are important. 

Free Floral Coloring Class for Markers & Pencils

Flowers are a popular theme for adult coloring projects. They are also a great way to learn about depth and create dimension in coloring. This is a longer class, over 2 hours. She makes sure to emphasize anyone can color well; it just takes time.

Online Class: Adult Coloring 201 | Michael’s

A class sponsored by Michael’s. The supplies that your teacher uses in the class are listed clearly in the video description. The description also includes the coloring sheet he is using for demonstration. Also, there is a hyperlink in the video description that will take you to Michael’s website to enroll. In a live class. It gives you the option to interact with the teacher in real time.

The Following Classes have Enrollment Fees

Coloring Class

This class has been featured on CBS News, Buzzfeed, Forbes, and CNN. It teaches choosing colors, finding your confidence, and picking materials. The first six lessons are free. In the free lessons, you will learn how to blend, the importance of your materials, and the basics of coloring. If you want to dig deeper into the craft, you can pay $59 for a set of 43 classes. This website also hosts creative classes for drawing and sketching, all of which cost about the same.

Creative Coloring Course

This website provides multiple modules covering techniques, colored pencil crayons, pen techniques, and water pencil crayons. There are other modules as well; they are all featured on the website. Classes are guaranteed a refund if you are not satisfied within 90 days of purchasing. This class costs either $99 upon signing up or four monthly payments of $25.

Udemy offers Coloring Courses

The price of the classes is listed. Keep in mind that Udemy offers a lot of sale prices, so you may be able to take the class for less.

Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course

This is a best seller on Udemy for a coloring course. The teacher is straightforward in his technique and avoids as much fluff as possible. This class is good for those who are interested in digital coloring as well as coloring on a professional level. The price is 189.99.

Colored Pencils Art Class

The price of this class is $24.99. It includes up to 15 hours of lessons. It is filled with tips and tricks that are easy to master to increase your colored pencil skills. Several assignments teach you how to apply those lessons.

Coloring For Happiness: Max Cuddleecat

A class taught for coloring Max Cluddleecat, which is a character with an attached coloring sheet. The teacher goes into detail on how to color each part of the sheet. There is a lesson on coloring his shirt and another for coloring his accessories. You will learn how to make different gradations with the same color. This detailed class is a great way to become detail-oriented with your coloring sheets. The cost for this course is $94.99.

Character Coloring with Copic Markers Course

If you have any interest in coloring characters from anime, mermaids, and/or many others, this is a great class for you. It teaches hair shading, blending, and skin gradients. The modules guide you through the basic techniques, marker care, blending, and ink refills. This class has an original price of $149.99.

There are so many classes out there. Which class you choose depends on what you want from them. Do you want to color with markers or pencils? What feel do you want from the class? Do you want something more casual or more intense?

Coloring is a trending hobby. We are living in an age where we are always looking for stress relief.  Coloring is simple, something we all did as kids, and yet still relevant and expressive—a great way to get that extra breath in and focus on something that we create. You can create something worth savoring; it just takes time to build your coloring skills like any hobby. 

There are so many ways to help improve your skills faster. Select a class from the list above for guidance through your coloring journey. Some classes are free—some classes you have to pay for. You decide which class works best for you. All of the classes are great for any skill level, whether you are just starting or looking to work towards mastering the art. At the end of the day, though, whatever technique, brush, or crayon you prefer, or your skill level, keep on coloring. 

Learn more ways to level up your coloring game HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between adult coloring books and children’s coloring books?

Adult coloring books are different from children’s coloring books because they are generally created for stress relief. They don’t usually feature cartoons and are more complex than children’s coloring books. Designs in adult coloring books challenge the fine motor skills of adults. They are meant to create a challenge for you to lose yourself in.

Should I use Markers or Pencils?

Markers leave you with bold colors and a different type of blending effect, which pencils do not offer. But on the other hand, pencils never bleed through the paper or smudge like markers.

Do I have to take an Adult Coloring class?

No, adult coloring is all about relaxing. However, a coloring class is a great way to improve your skills quickly by learning from the experience of others. You can get to the point where you are proud of your work faster. Who doesn’t want to develop that sort of skill and have a coloring sheet that you can display?

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