Introducing My Free Adult Coloring eBook!

The How-2 Why-2 Guide to Adult Coloring Books is an all-encompassing map that leads the reader through all of the steps one should take on their journey to coloring adult coloring books. The world of adult coloring books can appear daunting to the new adventurist. This ebook takes the anxiety out of jumping into a strange new land of unfamiliar or forgotten phrases like color saturation or cross-hatching.

Uncover the secrets about colored pencils, markers, and gel pens that other artists had to learn the hard way. Find out how each medium offers something unique to the world of adult coloring books. Learn about their different properties to help decide which medium is the one you want to try. Save time and money by learning from the experts.

Discover the key factors that make the most significant differences in the outcome of coloring and coloring techniques. After reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of both the physics involved with coloring and the chemistry that plays a part in things like color saturation and blending colors.

In Part One, you’ll learn:

      • How to bring your coloring to a higher levelIntroducing My Free Adult Coloring eBook!
      • What mandalas are and how they are used
      • Where zentangling came from and the science behind its use.
      • When it’s best to use markers and gel pens
      • Why colored pencils are so versatile for coloring
      • Where to go to learn more about coloring techniques

The How-2 Why-2 Guide to Adult Coloring Books is designed to educate new artists about the importance of color while reacquainting the professionals with their trade tools. This ebook is written in a language that is easy for beginners to understand without being too simple or boring for more advanced coloring artists. It provides direction for improving both the quality of your coloring and the benefits obtainable from coloring. It’s a mix of Art 101 and the science of mind and body.

Read about the research-backed studies and experiments on meditative coloring’s usefulness and how psychologists have used mandalas for over 100 years. Find out what’s going on in our minds when we put aside stressful thinking for even just a few minutes and how powerful coloring can be on our mindset. Gain insight into the damaging effects stress has on the body and how the Colourtation Method can help.

In Part Two, you’ll learn:

      • The connection between stress relief and adult coloring booksIntroducing My Free Adult Coloring eBook!
      • Using coloring’s meditative properties to improve well-being
      • The importance of mindfulness and how coloring can help
      • A variety of therapeutic uses coloring has to offer


The How-2 Why-2 Guide to Adult Coloring Books gives you the freedom to make up your mind about choosing the path you want to take on your coloring journey. It provides unbiased information on all of the elements that go into enjoying the relaxing activity of coloring as an adult. The ebook is intended to provide you with clear direction on getting started, what’s available to learn, and why coloring isn’t just for kids.

We put our heart and soul into this ebook. We hope you will enjoy reading and coloring it as much as we have had to create it.

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Hi! I’m Shawn and I Love Coloring and Art and the people in it! I created this website as a resource to help those who are considering getting into adult coloring. My website is your one-stop destination for all the inspired instruction and resources you need to start and grow your adult coloring hobby. From geometric to floral to zen doodles and from time to time even mandala’s when I am in the mood. I have researched and gathered the information to help you in your goal of starting your adult coloring hobby.

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