Types Of Adult Coloring Books

You are looking for a different way to relax and unplug from your daily routine. If you are considering adult coloring books, you will not be disappointed, plus you will get to feel like a kid again doing it! But what types of adult coloring books are available on the market?

There are many types of adult coloring books. However, some of the main types of adult coloring books are:

  1. Anti-stress adult coloring books.
  2. Mandala adult coloring books. 
  3. Color by number adult coloring books. 
  4. Special occasion adult coloring books. 
  5. Travel adult coloring books.

You will even learn about the top 3 adult coloring books on Amazon to get you started on your new hobby! Find the adult coloring book that speaks to your personality and will help you relax when times get stressful. 

1. Anti-Stress Adult Coloring Books

Anti-stress coloring books include floral designs, mandalas, and other intricate geometric patterns that take some extra time to color. Since adults can focus more than children, the intricate designs offer an in-depth art therapy experience. 

Putting color on a page will help you to organize your thoughts, reduce your stress, and put everything into perspective for your life. 

If you want to try an anti-stress color therapy adult coloring book, try the Color Therapy: An Anti-Stress Coloring Book. Each section of the coloring book has a color theme with a few pages featuring each color. On the first page of each section, you are informed of how every color reflects feelings and moods. For example, the book says that red is a color that evokes extreme emotions. The complementary color for each section is also included, so red’s complementary color is green. 

2. Mandala Adult Coloring Books

Mandala adult coloring books were the first main ones to be published when the trend of adult coloring took off in 2015. They are circular geometric patterns that have repeating shapes inside of them. Once colored, they are beautiful works of art that feel like a breath of fresh air when you look at them. And it’s no wonder that they invoke such a feeling because they are used as a form of meditation. 

However, mandalas did not just surface because of the adult coloring book trend in 2015. They have been involved in Asian and Indian art forms since the 4th century as a form of relaxing therapy. Countries such as Japan, China, Nepal, India, and Tibet have valued mandalas as ritualistic symbolism of their Buddhist religion. These symbols are considered to help all people who engage in coloring to become with themselves and find balance. 

3. Color By Number Adult Coloring Books

Did you know that color by number is even for adults, too? There are color-by-number adult coloring books on the market for people getting into the artsy hobby. So why should beginners start with this type of adult coloring book?

Well, you may get your hands on an adult coloring book, peer at all the white space, and wonder where, to begin with, your coloring journey. It could be a mystery what colors to select for the coloring page and how to properly space the colors for balance on the page, especially if you are new to being an artsy type of person. 

Starting with a color-by-number adult coloring book will:

  • Teach you how to properly space colors when you purchase a traditional adult coloring book. 
  • Give you a great session in relaxing color therapy as the picture comes to life. 
  • Help you to get your feet wet with the overall feel of coloring as an adult, especially if it’s been years since your childhood that you have last colored. 

4. Special Occasion Adult Coloring Books

Special occasion adult coloring books make it possible to give these to anyone any time of the year. They include:

  • Birthday themed. 
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Spring and Easter coloring books. 
  • Mother’s Day. 
  • Father’s Day. 
  • Thanksgiving.
  • Christmas. 

If you have an artsy person in the family, consider grabbing a holiday or season-themed special occasion adult coloring book if you cannot think of any other gift to give him or her. 

5. Travel Adult Coloring Books

For adults who wish to travel but just may not have the time or funds to do so, a travel adult coloring book would be great for planning a potential trip—dreaming about it along the way while coloring in this type of book will bring it more to reality. 

Start with the Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Book: Inspirational Coloring for Globetrotters and Daydreamers on Amazon. 

Filled with landscapes of city streets and buildings, you will feel captivated on a journey as you color in this coloring book. If you cannot journey to somewhere new, why not get creative and take a trip in your mind while engaging in a travel coloring book? 

What are the Top 3 Coloring Books on Amazon?

The top 5 coloring books on Amazon are as follows.

1. F*** Off! This is MY Coloring Book!

It’s no surprise that this swear word coloring book is at the top of the Amazon list for adult coloring books. To think that the daily swear words you may use have now been turned into a fun and snarky adult coloring book for your entertainment. Especially when you are feeling like the world is weighing on you, there is nothing like an uncensored saying in this coloring book to get you through the rest of your day. 

2. Adult Coloring Book: Stress-Relieving Designs

You will feel more at ease when you pick up a colored pencil and therapeutically color the pages in this adult coloring book. Choose from animals, flowers, mandalas, paisley patterns, and more. Go ahead and skip around this coloring book to find the design that best suits your current mood. 

If you are feeling reflective and thoughtful, choose a mandala to color. If you are looking for beauty and resilience in your day, choose from one of the flower pages. If you want to connect with your inner animalistic instincts, find an animal coloring page to suit your mood. 

3. 125 Mandalas Coloring Book

As one of the leading adult coloring book types, of course, one of the mandala coloring books on the market just had to place in the top 3. 

Mandalas are very versatile in color. Whether you want to do different shades and hues of one color throughout a coloring page or color every color of the rainbow, the possibilities are endless in coloring a mandala. This is not a color-by-number type, so you can let your creativity roam into a new journey. 

Why Should I Try Adult Coloring?

Coloring isn’t just for toddlers and children anymore. Art is for everybody! Adults can get in on the fun and distressing aspect of coloring overall.  Anybody in the adult world gets stressed about something one way or another in life. Coloring can release that stress and redirect it into positive energy, with you being able to control the art you create. While whatever is stressing you out may be out of your control, you can rest easy knowing that you can at least control how you color and customize what’s in your coloring books during your personal art therapy time. 

Plus, adult coloring can help you to unplug from the usual humdrum motions of staying plugged into your smartphone, social media, and television broadcasting daily while you are at home. Sometimes turning off electronics and doing something creative with your hands will help you to find your center of control to get you back on track. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use colored pencils or crayons to color in an adult coloring book?

For a more refined and satisfying look, use either finely sharpened colored pencils and/or fine-tip markers so that it is easier to color inside the lines. Especially when you are coloring mandalas, the segments of each space are very small. Using a chunky crayon will not give you the same results as a colored pencil or fine-tip marker because there’s the possibility of you coloring outside the lines. 

What are the best retailers to purchase an adult coloring book?

You can find adult coloring books in just about any discount or department store that you frequent. You will have the most variety of adult coloring books at your fingertips by shopping online, of course. Shop on Amazon to find what you are looking for if you cannot find a particular adult coloring book that piques your interest in stores. 

What if I do not have the time to enjoy my adult coloring book?

Time can escape us, especially if we have many responsibilities to satisfy. Before bed a few times a week, try to set aside at least 15-20 minutes to work on a page in your adult coloring book. You will feel even more relaxed before you fall asleep. 

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