Top Coloring Books Featuring Mandalas and Patterns

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In my quest for moments of peace amidst life’s chaos, I stumbled upon the therapeutic art of coloring. For me, mandalas and complicated designs were like a safe place where I could forget about the problems of the day and enter a creative world. Come with me as I talk about my time spent looking through the best coloring books with mesmerizing mandalas and interesting patterns. Each one has its way of helping you find peace and awareness within yourself.

I recommend these coloring books for their therapeutic benefits, ability to foster creativity, and accessibility to individuals of all skill levels. Yet, it’s important to manage time effectively and not get too caught up in perfectionism.

  • Therapeutic Escape: Coloring mandalas and patterns in these books offer a therapeutic escape from daily stresses, promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and enhancing mindfulness.
  • Creative Expression: These coloring books encourage creative expression, allowing individuals to explore their artistic side and experiment with different color combinations and techniques.
  • Accessibility and Versatility: Widely accessible and suitable for all ages and skill levels, these books provide a versatile activity that can be enjoyed anywhere, fostering relaxation at home or on the go.
  • Time Investment: Completing intricate designs may require a significant time investment, which could be challenging for individuals with busy schedules.
  • Potential for Perfectionism: The detailed nature of mandalas and patterns may lead to feelings of frustration or self-criticism if perfection is not achieved, detracting from the therapeutic benefits of coloring.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Mandalas by Kim Mansamer

I found solace within the pages of Kim Mansamer’s “Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Mandalas.” Each mandala seemed to whisper words of peace, urging me to let go of my problems and enjoy coloring as a form of therapy. There was something magical about the complexity of each design that made me want to pick up my pencils and dive into a world of bright colors, no matter how much experience I had as a painter.

Every time I turned a page in this book, I felt like the stress of the day was lifted off my shoulders. It was like every mandala was a secret key to inner peace. They helped me calm my mind and enjoy the peace of the present moment.

Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults by PotulMilon Publisher

The “Mindful Patterns Coloring Book for Adults” by PotulMilon Publisher became my companion on the journey towards mindfulness. Each page had beautiful designs that were based on nature and geometry. They drew me into a world of quiet reflection. When I used my colored pencils to trace the fine lines, I felt calm and centered in the present moment.

The part of this coloring book that interested me the most was the part about being aware. Each pattern seemed to speak to me to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment, urging me to put aside all other thoughts and focus on the act of making. I found a new respect for the beauty of the present moment through the simple but deep act of coloring.

Creative Haven Mehndi Designs Coloring Book by Marty Noble

Marty Noble’s “Creative Haven Mehndi Designs Coloring Book” transported me to a world of cultural artistry and intricate beauty. Each design in this book was a tribute to the long history and meaning of Mehndi, which was based on the old art of henna. Every page, with its swirling floral designs and geometric patterns, made me want to look deeper into the bright colors and detailed details that made this art form unique.

It was while I was reading this book that I felt connected to the traditional meaning of Mehndi art. Each design had a story to tell about its history and meaning, which made me think about the beauty of differences and how creative people are all over the world. I not only felt calmer while coloring these beautiful patterns, but I also learned more about how diverse cultures are around the world.

Adult Coloring Book Featuring 125 of the World’s Most Beautiful Mandalas by Coloring Book Cafe

Coloring Book Cafe’s “Adult Coloring Book Featuring 125 of the World’s Most Beautiful Mandalas” opened my eyes to the global beauty of mandala artistry. With a different mandala from around the world on each page, I set out on a trip of discovery and exploration. Every design, from complicated Tibetan mandalas to geometric shapes based on Islamic art, showed how creative people are throughout history.

The variety in this coloring book was what caught my eye the most. With 125 different mandalas to pick from, I was amazed at how many ways there were to show myself artistically. Whether I was interested in the balance of old mandalas or the complexity of modern ones, each one gave me a way to express myself and be creative.

Adult Coloring Book 100 Amazing Patterns by Jade Summer

Jade Summer’s “Adult Coloring Book 100 Amazing Patterns” became my playground for creativity, offering a treasure trove of intricate designs and captivating patterns. Each page, with its floral patterns and geometric shapes, made me want to use my ideas and see how far I could go with my art. I could use this coloring book to relax or express my creativity. It gave me endless ideas and fun.

Adaptability was what made this book stand out. It was always fun for me to try new styles and color combinations because there were so many different patterns to pick from. No matter if I used pencils, markers, or paints, the good paper made sure that my drawings came to life with lots of color and detail. Coloring these beautiful patterns gave me a new sense of happiness and satisfaction in the simple act of making something.


  1. Therapeutic Benefits: The intricate designs of mandalas and patterns in these coloring books offer a therapeutic escape from daily stresses. Engaging in coloring activities has been shown to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and enhance mindfulness, providing a valuable tool for mental well-being.
  2. Creative Expression: Coloring mandalas and patterns encourages creative expression and allows individuals to explore their artistic side. With a variety of designs to choose from, colorists can experiment with different color combinations and techniques, fostering a sense of freedom and self-discovery.
  3. Accessibility and Versatility: These coloring books are widely accessible and suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced colorist, there’s a book to suit your preferences. Additionally, coloring can be enjoyed anywhere, making it a versatile activity for relaxation at home or on the go.


  1. Time-Consuming: While coloring can be a relaxing activity, completing intricate designs in these books may require a significant time investment. For individuals with busy schedules, finding the time to dedicate to coloring sessions may be challenging, potentially limiting the frequency of engagement.
  2. Limited Originality: While coloring mandalas and patterns can foster creativity, some individuals may feel constrained by the predetermined designs in these books. For those seeking more original artistic expression, the structured nature of coloring within pre-existing outlines may feel restrictive.
  3. Potential for Perfectionism: The intricate details of mandalas and patterns may lead some individuals to strive for perfection in their coloring, which can create feelings of frustration or self-criticism if expectations are not met. This pressure to achieve flawless results may detract from the therapeutic benefits of the activity.


As I wrap up my research on the best coloring books with mandalas and patterns, I realize how much they’ve helped me find peace and express myself. I could get away from the stress of everyday life and lose myself in a world of detailed beauty on every page.

I felt calm and at ease when I colored. It was like each stroke of color was its meditation. Finding myself in the intricate patterns of Mehndi designs or the vast array of colors and shapes in mandalas, I felt deeply connected to the present moment and at ease.

As time went on, these coloring books turned into more than just a hobby. They helped me understand myself and the world around me better. While I was exploring the depths of my creativity and letting my mind run wild, I learned that art has the power to heal and inspire.

Also, if you want to relax and get in touch with your inner self, I strongly suggest that you start coloring books with mandalas and designs. They will help you find peace within and learn more about yourself. You won’t regret it.

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