Mandala Coloring Books

Recent studies have shown that coloring, as an adult, is highly beneficial in more than one way. According to science, it comes with a long list of health benefits, including aiding with memory, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and promoting concentration.

As a result, coloring books have become much more than a medium to pass the time. More so, if it entails coloring mandalas.

The Meaning of Mandalas

The word ‘mandala’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘circle.’ In Eastern religions like Hinduism, Shintoism, and Buddhism, it is used as a symbol to represent the universe within rituals. In addition, it is said to help spiritually transform ‘ordinary’ minds into ‘enlightened’ minds.

In the Western world, however, the mandala has a very different use. It has become a more generic term for any diagram, including geometric patterns and symbols. It is commonly used in coloring books as a means of relaxation and concentration.

Top Mandala Coloring Books

Hence, without further ado, here are the top mandala coloring books (in no particular order), so you can venture into the world of mindless coloring:

1. Balance by Angie Grace

Angie Grace’s book is filled with whimsical circular mandala designs to transform coloring time into calming time. It is one of the best-selling and top-rated coloring books on

It includes 50 pages suitable for adults and older children. Plus, like many other coloring books, designs are printed on a single-sided page to avoid bleeding.

“Many thanks to Angie Grace for creating these intricate designs for adults to color. It’s a terrific way to tap into one’s creativity with gel pens and a willingness to let the subconscious mind take over.”

Price: $11.61

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2. The Art of Mandala by Jason Hamilton

Categorized as a ‘bestseller,’ this fantastic coloring book includes 50 high-quality mandalas. The Art of Mandala for any skill level as designs become more detailed and intricate as you go through the pages.

Each image is printed on single one-sided pages to minimize scoring and bleed-through. Thus, colorists can experiment with different mediums, including colored pencils, watercolors, and markers.

“This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves to color mandalas. Each of the 50 mandala designs is unique and beautiful.”

Price: $4.99

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3. Mandalas II (Adult Coloring Book)

If you have a passion for mandalas and love coloring, this book is the right fit for you! Mandalas II features 50 pages of beautiful designs. Its illustrations include intricate patterns ranging from snowflakes to flowers that help with stress and concentration.

Moreover, each page is printed on high-quality paper and comes with a full-size mandala for the best coloring experience. Plus, if you wish to turn your anti-stress book into works of art, you can easily remove the pages thanks to its perforations.

“The paper is superb. The mandalas have a wide range of designs. The hardcovers, front and back, are super useful. I use Sharpies, and they barely bleed. I’m very, very happy with this purchase.”

Price: $19.99

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4. Adult Coloring Book: Designs

Named the ‘best rated – less expensive’ adult coloring book, this book features 48 unique coloring pages. It includes mandalas, geometric shapes, and other original designs, all printed in high-resolution images.

Additionally, it comes in a convenient and comfortable paperback 8″ x 10″ size, making it easy to store and carry.

“I truly like this coloring book. I have many adult coloring books, and this is, by far, my favorite. The patterns are beautiful! Not too complicated that it is hard to color but can be a bit challenging. I highly recommend this book.”

Price: $2.43

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5. 101 Unique Mandalas

101 Unique Mandalas is an excellent paperback book with over 100 different mandalas for you to color. It comes with a wide variety of designs to satisfy every colorist at any skill level.

Its illustrations include Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, and Tibetan themes. But also feature geometric and abstract figures. Rest assured, you will never get bored!

This coloring book is also perfect for creative expression and self-calming activities.

“This book is great! So many different patterns and so well drawn. All are one-sided, and the paper quality is good.”

Price: $7.22

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6. Color Me Stress-Free

This book is said to be the perfect way to step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax. Designed by art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter, Color Me Stress-Free offers 70+ coloring templates (most of which feature beautiful mandalas.)

Like many of the other books in the ‘Color Me’ series, this book includes seven chapters: Disorganization, Relationships, Finances, Work, Health, Time, Travel, and Commuting.

“The Color Me Series of coloring books are the best adult coloring books on the market! The pages are filled with everyday things and beautiful mandalas.”

Price: $9.17

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7. 100 Amazing Patterns

A book with an incredible collection of beautiful designs that include elegant flowers, abstract patterns, cute animals, and more. Its goal is to help you focus by allowing you to unwind.

It features mandalas that are easy to color —perfect for those with impaired or poor vision. Plus, every picture on the book is located on the right side of the spine, making it accessible for left-handed colorists.

“Beautiful coloring book. Lots of nice patterns. Not too complicated for beginning colorists, but not so simple as to be uninteresting to color.”

Price: $9.99

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8. Intricate Mandalas Coloring Book by Jade Summer

This new book contains a variety of detailed designs that help you concentrate and relax while working on your coloring skills. It features both traditional and non-traditional mandalas.

Additionally, the designs are printed on thick one-sided pages with black backs to avoid fine liners or markers from bleeding through.

“Love the intricate patterns! This book has a different feel than other Mandala books. I am looking forward to a volume two.”

Price: $6.99

Amazon Link

9. Mandala: Coloring Book For Adult Relaxation

A large-format (8.5 “x 11”) book with 40 pages filled with stunning mandalas to induce meditation and relaxation. All images are 100% original and printed on single-sided pages.

The book is suitable for all ages and comes with a digital version for you to print at home in case you need additional pages.

“There are 40 single-side mandalas in this book, and all are lovely. A lot of them have some finer detail, and any colorist who enjoys mandalas would be very pleased with this book.”

Price: $6.95

Amazon Link

10. 50 Mandalas for Stress-Relief

A book featuring 50 mandalas specially designed for adults to relieve stress. Hence, 50 Mandalas for Stress-Relief includes well-thought-of illustrations with a variety of difficulty levels (going from very simple to intricately detailed designs.

Additionally, the book is fairly priced when compared to other similar coloring books.

“The mandalas in this book are nice line art, most with just the right amount of detail which I would call mid-level. Love that all the pictures are single-sided and the images are centered well on each coloring page. “

Price: $4.99

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11. A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults

A different book made up of 50 different mandalas designed by artists from all over the world and carefully curated by experts. It showcases exciting coloring pages with a variety of styles and line widths ranging from extremely detailed to simple designs.

The book is printed in a large format (8.5″ x 11″) and has plenty of space at the top and bottom of each page for color and medium testing.

“I loved this coloring book. The lines are dark and crisp, and the perforated pages make them easy to remove for coloring and framing. I recommend this book for relaxation.”

Price: $6.95

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12. Traveling Mandalas

From the creators of Mandalas and Mandalas II, comes an adult coloring book perfect for those who travel frequently. This book, measuring 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches, offers all the therapeutic benefits of coloring mandalas, but on the go!

More so, it includes 30 different hand-drawn designs printed on artist-quality paper. Hence, it is suitable for colored pencils, gel pens, and markers.

Additionally, all pages are perforated for you to be able to tear them and frame them.

“Loved everything about this book! Very easy to carry around because of the hardback protection cover. A great number of pages & design assortments!”

Price: $13.99

Amazon Link

Top Mandala Coloring Books with a Theme

As you may have gathered, mandalas have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of mandala books in the market that feature unique themes.

Below is a list of some of the most impressive themed books (in no particular order) showcasing mandalas:

1. Celestial Mandalas Coloring Book

A top-rated book with over 30 different designs inspired by heavenly illustrations. It includes beautifully detailed sun, moon, and star patterns that can be colored in a variety of ways.

As a result, it is said to be the perfect medium to relax and achieve a meditative state. Additionally, pages are perforated for easy removal and display.

“My all-time favorite book! Wonderful to cut out and mat on different papers and to use metallic pens on. Nice weight paper, great designs!”

Price: $3.99

Amazon Link

2. Flower Mandalas by Stefania Miro

This incredibly gorgeous book includes dozens of mandalas inspired by floral patterns. It is meant to excite colorists of all ages with mesmerizing illustrations featuring a black background for more boldness!

The book also includes the free download of a ‘PDF file’ containing a selection of some of the most popular coloring pages.

“I have colored many books, with black backgrounds and mandalas of all kinds. This book was different – and WONDERFUL!”

Price: $6.99

Amazon Link

3. Coloring Mandala Animals

An innovative coloring book that mixes animals and mandalas to form fascinating designs. It showcases 49 intricately designed pages with owls, horses, lions, koalas, gazelles, butterflies, birds, chameleons, bears, turtles, and many more.

So, if you love animals and are looking to relieve some stress, this paperback book is perfect for you.

“I love this book! All drawings are printed on the right-hand side and one animal per page! All the animals are adorable and fun.”

Price: $6.99

Amazon Link

4. Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book

This book combines the spirals and swirls of traditional Celtic patterns with natural motifs to create amazing mandala designs. It features a total of 31 illustrations with images of animals, flowers, and vines, providing countless hours of relaxing and meditative coloring.

Furthermore, the book is printed as single-sided pages on quality paper that have been perforated for easy removal.

“If you enjoy intricate patterns, this book is for you! I love all the details, they are challenging but not overwhelming. I say, perfect!”

Price: $5.99

Amazon Link

5. Circles of Love

Great for Valentine’s Day, this new coloring book features heart-themed mandalas. It was designed by Tabitha L. Barnett and is sure to please any colorists.

From sweet and simple to delightfully detailed, there are 38 images for everyone to enjoy, no matter their skill level.

“Tabitha Barnett is the Queen artist of mandala drawing. Each of her designs is very creative & very expressive!”

Price: $9.99

Amazon Link

6. 50 Halloween Mandalas

Halloween may be over, but this book is a must-have if you are into spooky designs! It features 50 original Halloween-themed mandalas with pumpkins, bats, skulls, ghosts, cats, spiders, haunted houses, and more.

This coloring book is recommended for soft colored pencils and thin crayons. It is excellent for adults and teens alike who wish to partake in the fun, creative coloring therapy.

Price: $4.99

Amazon Link

7. Marijuana Mandalas: Cool Coloring Book

A very innovative mandala book for the open-minded. Marijuana Mandalas features a great compilation of cannabis leaf imagery as kaleidoscopic patterns.

The perfect book if you seek meditation or de-stressing, it gives coloring mandalas a whole new meaning!

“Very cool and fun coloring book. I bought it as a gift, and the recipient loved it! Fairly priced too.”

Price: $7.95

Amazon Link

8. Christmas Mandala

‘Tis the season to start cozying up to your favorite coloring book. And this Christmas-themed book is just fascinating!

Its 25 pages showcase a mix of beautiful snowflakes, elegant twigs, angels, festive bells, decorations, and more. Hence, if you love the winter season, this is a great match.

Furthermore, all illustrations are one-sided, printed on bright white paper, and with a premium matte cover finish.

“Great book for the holidays! Hours of fun and relaxation.”

Price: $4.49

Amazon Link

9. 3D Mandalas Coloring Book

This book has an original and very innovative approach to mandalas. It features 50 different 3D mandala designs for stress management.

The well-crafted illustrations lay the groundwork for you to create your frame-worthy art pieces. It is suited for all skill levels— ranging from beginner to expert level.

“This coloring book offers a wide variety of designs. It makes a wonderful gift!”

Price: $7.99

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10. 50 Spiral Mandalas

This large print book features 50 helical mandala art with whirl-shaped designs and swirling elements. It was created as a means of creative therapy for active stress and insomnia management.

It is best for soft colored pencils or any type of thin crayons and it is recommended for mid-level and experienced colorists who enjoy intricate shapes.

“Love the spirals! It was hard to put my pens down because I wanted to keep going through the pages. Great book, highly recommended.”

Price: $4.99

Amazon Link

11. Art Nouveau Mandalas Coloring Book

This enticing coloring book is filled with designs that combine mandalas and Art Nouveau. It includes 31 illustrations showcasing the hypnotic style that characterizes mandalas mixed in with vines, flowers, and other naturalistic motifs from the art world.

The Art Nouveau Mandalas Coloring Book was specially designed for experienced colorists. Its pages require patience and skills as it has very detailed illustrations.

“Love these unique and detailed designs. You’ll want a mix of fine markers and pencils to create neat coloring.”

Price: $5.99

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12. Colorful Creations Butterfly Mandalas

This beautiful coloring book for adults offers dozens of ready-to-color pages that combine mystical mandalas with gorgeous butterflies. It includes 32 designs created by the talented Jess Volinski, and it is suitable for all mediums (e.g., colored pencils, crayons, markers, watercolors.)

Additionally, the pages are perforated so you can easily detach your masterpiece and exhibit it!

“Just by opening the book, you will be amazed at the number of images that will inspire you to take a fantasy trip filled with butterflies. I am delighted with this new coloring book, and there is not much not to like about it!”

Price: $7.79

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There you have it! 24 amazing mandala coloring books for adults to use to relax, unwind, and put their creativity to the test.

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