How to Turn Your Coloring Pages Into Framed Art

Adult coloring books often contain beautiful and sophisticated illustrations. When completed, these coloring pages can be transformed into attractive works of art. If you spend a lot of time and care on a page or have a favorite illustration that particularly speaks to you, it makes sense that you may want to frame it for display in your home. But what is the best way to turn your finished illustrations into framed art?

How do I turn my coloring pages into framed art? 

You can get as creative or stay as traditional as you want when framing your completed coloring pages. If you have a frame the same size as or slightly bigger than your coloring page, you can frame it as an art print. Another option is to cut out multiple images from the same coloring book. You can create a collage of different images in one large frame, or use several smaller frames to tell a story. 

Framed coloring pages make wonderful art for your own home. They also make lovely, personal gifts for friends and family. You can use a plain frame, or paint one to add an extra layer of personalization. Read on for more tips on how to turn your coloring pages into framed art. 

How do I Find the Right Frame?

How to Turn Your Coloring Pages Into Framed ArtYou needn’t spend a ton of money on frames for your artwork. Consider the photo section at your local bargain or thrift store. Feel free to get creative with your frames too – these can be an extension of your creativity. Use fun paint colors to give them a new life, and create a look that is completely customized to your piece. 

If you are refurbishing an already painted frame, you may want to sand it first or add a layer of primer so the new color you have selected shines through. Spray paint is also an easy way to jazz up a basic frame; there are metallic, glittery, and even chalkboard options to enhance your artwork. 

Select a frame that is the same size or slightly bigger than your piece. If the frame is larger than your art, you can mount the page on a larger piece of cardboard or cardstock before framing it. Neutral white or black backgrounds create an elegant presentation, but if your piece calls for it, feel free to use brightly colored paper or even prints.

Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, and even wallpaper scrape work just as well. However, if using a dark color or pattern you may want to add an extra layer of blank stock between your coloring page and its backdrop so that the second layer isn’t visible behind your page.

How do You Mount Your Artwork?

To elevate the look of your framed piece, consider first mounting it on a piece of stiff cardboard – particularly if your illustration is on a thinner stock of paper. Even if your coloring page is the same size as your frame, mounting can help the piece look better in the frame; you don’t want your artwork to wrinkle or slouch.

If you are using a thicker, more textured paper, such as cardstock, you can use a spray mount, Mod Podge, or even puzzle glue to glue your artwork to a cardboard mount. Just take care not to oversaturate your paper, as that could cause it to pucker or rip. Alternatively, if you are using thinner paper, a small piece of double-sided tape (or scrapbooking tape) in the corners should suffice. 

If you have several scenes you like from one book, consider cutting images out to make a collage or tell a story.  You can use a collage frame to create different story panels and create your comic strip, story panel, or just group illustrations from the same book together. 

Posterboard makes a great backdrop. Use the glass from your picture frame to trace the correct size backing. Mod podge or double-sided tape works well to affix your images in place. 

Larger frames and even shadow boxes can be used to create collages. A shadow box is a deeper type of picture frame that has rooms for knick-knacks and small items of memorabilia. They are typically deep enough to accommodate push pins and other mounting hardware. 

 If you have a coloring book that deals with a favorite hobby, such as a beloved book or comic book character, you can frame related items and create a dynamic scene displaying your favorite collection. Movie ticket stubs, photo booth strips, stickers, and mini Funko Pops all make for great shadow box displays. 

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How to Set Different Materials

If you used a very soft medium prone to smudgings, such as pastels or crayons, consider setting your piece before framing it. If you do not have a setting spray, hairspray will work in a pinch. Hold the bottle about a foot away from your piece and spray lightly yet evenly – do not saturate the page. 

Take care to work in a well-ventilated area or even outside if possible. Hold the bottle as far away from you as possible; you may even want to wear a mask while working with these chemicals. Be sure to let the artwork dry completely before framing it. 

Giving Framed Art as Gifts

A well-framed coloring page can make a thoughtful, personalized gift for friends or loved ones. Adult coloring books featuring inspirational or funny sayings could make a great framed piece. A themed shadow box featuring personal memorabilia could make a wonderful gift for the collector who seemingly has everything. 

Using Coloring Pages as Holiday Decorations

How to Turn Your Coloring Pages Into Framed ArtFramed coloring pages work wonderfully as inexpensive holiday decorations that do not take up much space. The internet has plenty of beautiful coloring pages for every season and holiday. You can print out our favorite festive illustrations, color them as desired, and frame them for some frugal – yet personal – holiday decor. 

The best part of this hack is that the frames can be reused – just swap out the illustration it contains whenever you are ready for a change of scenery! It is also a great way to use up old wrapping paper; add an extra layer of festivity by mounting your coloring page on a gift wrap that corresponds to the holiday.

Remember to Enjoy the Process

While coloring in your favorite adult coloring book, don’t feel like everything you color needs to be suitable for framing. Adult coloring, ultimately, is about the process and enjoying the benefits of creative yet mindful activity. It is okay to color simply to experience the relaxation it promotes. But if you’d like to display your completed pieces, go for it! 

Like the Ikea effect, displaying pieces of your creation will elevate your space while making you feel proud and accomplished. According to Psychology Today, the Ikea effect is the tendency we have to “place greater value on things we have worked to create—from the micro-scale of a Lego house to larger-scale creations like affordable housing.” In other words, we tend to appreciate a shelving unit or other furniture we built ourselves more than others – even if we simply followed the pictorial directions to assemble the unit. 

Seeing a framed piece often can remind you of the relaxing time you spent working on the art, promoting a feeling of calm. You may derive more joy and satisfaction from a piece of your creation than one purchased from a store, even if the latter is more formal. 

Even if you plan to give a completed piece of art as a framed gift, don’t stress about imperfections. Your friend or loved one probably won’t see (or will likely overlook) any small mistakes that may be bothering you, and will just be happy to receive such a thoughtful and creative gift. 

Related Questions

What other ways can I reuse a coloring page?Top 20 Coloring Book With Quotes

You can make all kinds of fun paper crafts with coloring pages. Consider cutting out a favorite image to affix to cardstock to make a custom greeting card. Smaller images can be cut out to make gift tags; these can be mounted on cardstock for a stiffer tag, or just used on regular paper. Simply punch a hole in your tag and run a ribbon through it, or tape your string to the back. 

Using your creative illustrations adds a lovely personal touch to gift wrap. If a particular page didn’t turn out quite how you expected, consider turning it into wrapping paper. It can be used to wrap a small gift, and they are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. 

Can I make any practical items out of my coloring pages?

Adult coloring book illustrations make great photo tiles. You can mount them to hang on the wall or even make small tiles to use as coasters. Begin with either plain tile or wood coasters. Trace the tile on the back of your coloring page and cut out the selection you’d like to use. Use your spray mount to cover both the tile and the illustration. Once the drawing is affixed to the tile, coat it with Mod Podge to seal the design. 


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