How to Turn Coloring Pages Into Wall Art?

You do not need to be Picasso, Da Vinci, or Van Gogh to turn your coloring pages into wall art. Think about it! You put effort into coloring your pages, selecting the perfect color combinations, and using your creativity to its full potential to create a marvelous design.

But, before describing all the cool things you can do to transform your coloring pages into wall art, it is important to mention why is it so important.

The Importance of Showcasing Your Artwork

Showcasing your designs has a lot more to do with ‘feeling good’ than it does with ego. Since kindergarten, we are encouraged to feel proud of our creations. How many drawings did your mom hang on the fridge? Probably more than you can remember. Showcasing our work is ingrained in our brains from a very young age.

Moreover, studies have found that there are many health benefits associated with looking at art. Some of those benefits include:

      • Decreases in anxiety and stress
      • Increases in brain activity
      • Encouraging creativity and self-expression
      • Boosting happiness
      • Strengthening of critical thinking skills
      • Evoking of emotions
      • Decreasing depression and mental fatigue
      • Promoting overall health

Lastly, you never know if you’ll become famous one day, or if for some particular reason, your coloring pages will become valuable. For instance, who knew those beanie babies would now cost hundreds of dollars?

Turning Coloring Pages Into Wall Art

There are many ways in which you can turn coloring pages into wall art. Below, we will share a few fresh, cool ideas to give your artwork the importance it deserves:

1. Frame your work

It is as simple as it sounds. You can frame your favorite coloring pages and hang them in a master bedroom, living room, kitchen, or child’s room.

We recommend you use a shadow box frame to make the design a focal piece of the room or to use a colorful funky frame to make it ‘pop.’

If you are dealing with a large wall, try using several coloring pages and hanging them on individual frames. You can mix and match the size, style, and colors of your frames for fun-looking wall designs that go with your home’s personality.

Another excellent option for large walls or stair walls is scanning and enlarging your artwork and then printing it out. By doing so, you can adapt the size to make it fit the space.

2. Turn it into wallpaper

As crazy as it may sound, turning a collection of your most precious coloring pages into wallpaper is a very cool way of showcasing your artwork. This idea transforms a dull office, studio, or even a bathroom wall into a fun accent wall!

Just glue one page after another onto your wall until you cover the entire space. For a glossy finish and additional protection from dust, water, or unwanted spills, you can cover your designs with a spray-on art fixative or a thin layer of artist varnish.

3. Create a custom name plaque

Use your adult coloring pages to make a personalized name plaque to accentuate a space or give it out as a gift. It is an easy and fun project to pass the time or simply relax.

Before starting, make sure you have the following supplies available:

      • Colored pencils
      • Coloring book
      • Letters spelling the name of your choice
      • Sealer glue
      • Paintbrush
      • Craft glue
      • Scissors
      • Craft knife
      • Brayer (optional)
      • Wood plaque (optional)

If you are missing one or more things from this list, do not worry. All of these materials are easily found in an art supply store.

To make your custom name plaque follow these simple steps:

1. Grab the wood letters and place them in the right order to create a name or word.

2. Choose the pages from your coloring book that you want to use to decorate your letters. Always make sure you have enough coloring pages to cover the wooden letter(s) entirely.

3. Color your pages! You can use the same medium or experiment with different mediums.

4. Trim the design down around the colored area with your scissors.

5. Flip the coloring page over and place a thin layer of sealer glue on the back.

7. Turn the letter again and put another thin layer of sealer glue on the front.

8. Turn the letter over and smooth. If you want, you can use a brayer. If you do not have one at home, a ruler will also do the trick.

9. Let your letter dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

10. Trim off any additional paper you may have by carefully using a craft knife.

11. Repeat the process with each one of your letters until you have completed your word or name.

There you have it, beautifully designed wall art made with your coloring pages! You can then hang them one by one on your wall or glue them onto a wooden plaque for a more professional-looking piece.

4. Build a dry-erase board

Dry-erase boards come in very handy around the house (especially if you have children.) You can use a dry-erase board to write down a phone number, leave notes, write down your grocery store list, and more.

Plus, if you are a fan of schedules, you can turn your dry-erase board into a planner, or activity board, or plan out the children’s menu for the week.

The best part is, that these boards are effortless to make and require less than 10 minutes of your time! Thus, if you are up for it, here is a list of what you will need:

      • A wooden or plastic frame —you can use a simple poster frame or a picture frame that is large enough for you to be able to write down full sentences
      • Pages from your favorite adult coloring book
      • Dry-erase markers

To make it, you only need to:

1. Remove the back of your frame

2. Insert your already colored pages

3. Hang it on the wall.

It is that simple!

5. Create a collage poster

If you love coloring and have tons of old coloring pages lying around, creating a collage poster can be a great way of putting them to use. We recommend using pages that are bright and colorful to give your collage an extra kick!

Make a collage or deconstruction collage of your colored-in pages by cutting them up and gluing them onto thick cardboard or a wooden plaque. After you create your new picture, frame your creation and hang it up.

If you require inspiration or do not where to start, you can look at the work of artists like Kurt Schwitters (known as the ‘King of Collages’), Fred Tomaselli, and Ben Giles.

6. Make a ‘keepsake’ clock

A truly original way of repurposing your coloring pages is turning them into a keepsake clock to hang on your wall! What better way of decorating your space is there than with a one-of-a-kind piece you made yourself? Plus, it is a fun and inexpensive craft project.

Below, is a list of what you will need to create your ‘keepsake’ clock:

      • Single sheets from your adult coloring book.
      • Card stock paper
      • A wall clock with removable plastic crystal — make sure the face of the clock is the same size as your design.
      • Scissors
      • Craft knife
      • Glue stick or flat double-sided tape

If you are coloring a page specifically for this project, try not to use mediums that can thicken the paper. If they do, it might interfere with the movement of the clock hands when you assemble the clock.

Also, mandala pages work great for this type of project, as the circular designs go well with the clock’s shape. However, you can also use a design that has negative space around it to draw in your numbers.

Now that your colored design is ready to go, follow these simple steps:

1. Open up the front of the clock.

2. On a stable flat surface, place the clock crystal over your colored page and get it centered.

3. Hold your design in place, and trace lightly with a pencil around the clock crystal.

4. Using scissors, cut out the circular shape just inside your tracing line. Try to be precise, but if it is not perfect, do not stress; the edges of the paper will not show when you reassemble the clock.

5. With your craft knife, cut a hole in the center of your design for the clock mechanism. For precision, we recommend you use a ruler to mark the center point of your design and make sure nothing will prevent the handles from moving.

6. Make sure the hole you cut is big enough and that the card stock lays flat.

7. Carefully remove the hands (you might need a screwdriver to do so.)

8. If possible, tear out the existing clock face. If you cannot remove it, simply glue your design on top of it. Remember to apply enough glue around the outer edges to prevent it from peeling off.

9. If you are happy with the look, reinstall the clock’s hands.

10. Finally, check that the clock is working correctly.

11. Once you see that the clock mechanism is working well. Put the crystal back into the frame and set the time.

Although it might seem a little overwhelming to carefully follow each step, your ‘keepsake’ clock will turn out to be a smashing success.

Repurposing Your Coloring Pages

Turning your adult coloring book pages into wall art is not always a viable option. This is why we have come up with other different, fun, and creative ways to repurpose your artwork, such as:

1. Turning your coloring pages into wrapping paper

This one is super easy and is a great way to recycle your finished coloring pages while giving your gifts a more personal touch! You can just wrap your gifts with any coloring page using a bit of tape.

For larger or more awkwardly shaped gifts, you can join multiple recycled coloring pages together using a glue stick. You can also scan your artwork and multiply the design on the computer, so you end up with a uniform repetitive design as you see on store-bought wrapping paper.

Lastly, you can turn your coloring pages into gift bows! An adorable and colorful way to adorn your presents.

2. Customizing a cell phone case

A great (and cheap) alternative for a phone case is buying a simple, flat-backed, transparent phone case and decorating it with your favorite designs.

To do so, you will need:

• Colored-in pages from your book

• Decoupage glue

• A foam brush

• An inexpensive cell phone case

• Pen/Pencil

• Scissors

The process is straightforward! Follow these five easy steps for a super chic phone case:

1. Trace your cell phone case onto the back of your coloring page.

2. Cut it out and trim any excess paper to make sure the cutout fits perfectly onto your case (do not forget to cut out a hole for your camera.)

3. Coat your case with thin layers of decoupage glue.

4. Place the paper cutout (with the design facing up.)

5. Smooth any creases and cover them up with another thin layer of decoupage glue.

6. Allow it to dry completely and insert your phone.

That’s it! The best part is you can change it every time you get bored or once the color starts to fade.

3. Making customized envelope liners

White, plain envelopes are dull, but envelopes that have colorful liners tend to be expensive. Thus, if you want to create unique and fresh envelope liners without breaking the bank, think about reusing old coloring book pages.

Here is what you will need:

        • One piece of heavyweight cardstock or chipboard
        • Coloring pages from your favorite adult coloring book
        • Scissors
        • Ruler
        • White envelopes
        • Glue stick

To make your envelope liner, start by tracing your plain white envelope onto the heavyweight cardstock or chipboard. Once you finish tracing, cut out your template 0.75″ off the bottom of your template and 0.125″ from each side. By doing so, you will make sure the liners slide in easily.

Now that you have your ‘template,’ use it to trace your envelope liner papers on the coloring book pages. Remember to trace onto the backside side of your page to avoid ruining your design.

Finally, cut out your liners and insert them into your envelopes. Use a glue stick to secure the liner to the flap!

4. Creating original coasters

A different, yet entertaining way of repurposing your coloring pages is using them to craft coasters for your home. Below we will explain each step to create a set of four beautiful coasters. But first, make sure you have all of these supplies available:

        • Finished coloring page(s)
        • Four small squares of wood (preferably 4″x4″ in size)
        • Spray adhesive
        • Craft knife
        • Decoupage glue
        • Foam Brush
        • Clear acrylic spray

Now that you have everything you need, follow these instructions:

1. Cut your coloring pages a bit larger than the wooden base (approximately .25″ all around.)

2. Spray both the front of the wooden board and the back of your page with the spray adhesive.

3. With your coloring page design face down, center the board directly onto the page, and press firmly.

4. Use the craft knife to trim off any excess paper.

5. To make your coasters water-resistant, coat them with decoupage glue. Let it dry and then repeat until you get a thin glossy layer

6. Let dry for 2-3 hours and then spray with clear acrylic spray to seal each piece.

There you have it! A great way of reusing your pages while showcasing them on an everyday basis.

5. Crafting bookmarks

If you are into reading or know someone who is, transforming your artwork into colorful bookmarks is also a good idea. To do so, merely cut out your finished coloring pages into small rectangular pieces and laminate them!

The best part is, you can make between 3 and 4 bookmarks per page depending on the size of your adult coloring book.

Wrapping it up

Today you learned five great ways to transform your coloring pages into wall art. Plus, five other fantastic ways in which you can repurpose old adult coloring pages. Of course, there are many other different ways you can reuse your coloring pages and benefit from looking at your work of art, but these are a few of the most creative, effective, and fun ways to do so!

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