Best Gifts For Adults Who Love To Color

Coloring has become a hobby that is not only popular among children, but it is also quickly becoming a popular activity for adults as well. This activity provides many benefits to both children and adults, such as refined motor skills, developing hand-eye coordination, helping people have a sense of accomplishment, and enhancing dexterity, just to name a few. If you have an adult in your life who loves to color, getting them gifts related to one of their favorite activities would be greatly appreciated. The problem is that most people have no idea of what type of coloring-related gift to give their loved ones. Relax, I’m here to help.

Here are ten great gift ideas that are both affordable and practical for adult coloring book lovers:

Although there are many gifts available for adults who love to color, the ten I have listed are amongst the most practical and popular. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at each of these gifts individually, including an approximate price for each gift.

Adult Coloring Books

Okay, I have to admit that this was the easiest gift to put on this list. While this choice may seem quite obvious, it is a necessity if you wish to take up this particular hobby. After all, you cannot venture into the world of adult coloring without having a few adult coloring books. These books are generally more complicated and require a higher level of technical skill than traditional children’s coloring books. They may have intricate designs such as animals or geometric shapes. You can purchase adult coloring books in sets of six for $30 or in sets of five for approximately $20, making the average cost per book anywhere from $5 to $6. They can be purchased on Amazon. 

Colored Pencils

This choice was possibly the second easiest item to put on a gift list for adult coloring book lovers. Aside from adult coloring books, colored pencils are one of the essential items you will need to start coloring. Colored pencils come in various sizes and shades, so you should not have trouble choosing a set of pencils for the Coloring enthusiast in your life. Of course, colored pencils may have varying degrees of quality, so the prices for them will fluctuate accordingly.

The cost of colored pencils will vary on the quality of the pencil and how many pencils are in the pack. You can purchase a pack of 120 colored pencils for around $20 or a pack of 148 colored pencils for about $28. You can find them on Amazon. 

Fineliner Pens

While some people choose to color with colored pencils, many others like to use fine liner pens too. These pens usually either have a tip made of fine fiber or possibly plastic. Many people like to use these pens for writing because many people like the feel of the tip compared to ballpoint pens. These pens are quite useful for coloring in tight spaces. These pens would make a great gift for any adult who enjoys coloring and takes their coloring seriously.

Just like many other products in this article, the price of fine liner pens fluctuates, depending on the number of pins you get in a pack and the quality of the pens you purchase. A pack of 20 quality fine-liner pens will usually cost you around $14 to $15. Click here to purchase them on Amazon. 

Art Organizing Storage Case

In most aspects of life, people usually prefer to be organized. An art-organizing storage case would make a great gift for an adult coloring hobbyist who already has a wide array of coloring books, colored pencils, and liner pens. This storage case will allow your coloring book lover to be well-organized. These cases are also portable, which will allow the adult coloring enthusiast on your list to take their supplies and color on the go, perhaps even taking a coloring class with friends.

Depending on the number of stores that case provides, these cases usually start in the $20 range. However, these cases can be priced as high as $65. You can get a quality storage case for around $20. It is not necessary to spend the extra money on the higher-priced cases. There are several options on Amazon. 

Double-Ended Markers

Double-ended markers are another coloring supply that coloring lovers consider to be a necessity in adult coloring. These markers help coloring hobbyists achieve bright, vivid colors in the pages that they color. These markers have a large tip on one end and a fine tip on the other end, hence the name double-ended. The large tip is generally used for shading in large areas when coloring and the fine tip is mostly used for shading in much smaller areas in adult coloring books.

This is another example of where the price is based on quality and the number of markers you get. You can get a decent set of double-ended markers for around $20, but the higher-end markers will cost you around $55 for a 24-pack. Amazon has a wide selection. 

Blender Pencils

Blender pencils allow individuals to blend the colors of their coloring pencils. Colorless blender pencils are perfect for blending in softer edges when coloring. They are also ideal for creating thick textures and making unique and vivid color blends. Because these pencils have wax cores, they are also water-resistant. This means that they are great for producing watercolor effects. These non-pigmented, wax-based pencils are the perfect way to bring your colorings to life.

Blender pencils are quite inexpensive, starting at around $2 for a single blender pencil. A pack of 6 blender pencils will generally cost around $5. You can find a wide assortment on Amazon.

Coloring Book Art Erasers

Let’s face it. People are going to make mistakes, even when coloring. Coloring book art erasers allow coloring enthusiasts to quickly erase their mistakes, giving the impression that they were never there. While the adult coloring lover and your life may already have these erasers, I believe that this is one supply of which you can never have too many. If you have an occasion in which you need to give hey coloring enthusiast a gift, these erasers are always a good idea.

Coloring book erasers are another item that is rather inexpensive, with a pack of ten costing around $7. You can purchase a two-pack of erasers that are of a little better quality for around $6. They can be found on Amazon. 

Pencil Sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners are something that all adult coloring lovers are going to need, whether they are new to the coloring world or have been coloring for quite some time. Over time, your pencils are going to get dull, especially if you are using them frequently. A pencil sharpener is a great addition to the desk of any coloring hobbyist. This gift comes in two varieties. The manual pencil sharpeners must be operated by hand, while electric pencil sharpeners do the work for you.

A good quality manual pencil sharpener will cost you around $7, while an electric pencil sharpener can cost anywhere between $20 and $30, depending on the size and quality. Click here to purchase them on Amazon.

Zippered Pencil Cases

Zippered pencil cases are another great gift idea for the person who loves to color and is always on the go. These cases come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and capacities. Most of these cases have enough room to hold your colored pencils, fine-liner pens, double-edged markers, and a few erasers. They are a great way to keep your coloring supplies organized without taking up much space. If you know someone who is into coloring, this is a gift they will appreciate.

The price of zippered pencil cases usually starts around $6 but can go up to around $18 for a larger, higher-quality case. You can find a massive selection on Amazon.

Wooden Pencil Box

While they are not as portable as zippered pencil cases, or they are not as practical as art organizer storage cases, wooden pencil boxes are usually an elegant centerpiece on a coloring enthusiast’s desk. These pencil boxes come in a plethora of choices, such as the type of wood used and the kind of stain and finish that is applied to the box. These boxes can also be purchased with several different designs available. Some sellers will even customize one for you.

Some of the simpler wooden pencil boxes sell for around $12, with the more expensive boxes costing anywhere from $50 to $70. More expensive boxes are usually made of higher-quality wood and normally have intricate designs carved into them. You can find quite a few of these on Amazon.

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In conclusion, if you think that your options are relatively low when trying to purchase a gift for an adult in your life who loves to color, think again. There are several gifts available that are both practical and affordable for the coloring book lover in your life. The ten most popular and practical gifts for adults who love to color are adult coloring books; colored pencils; fineliner pins; art organizing storage cases; double-ended markers; blender pencils; coloring book art erasers; pencil sharpeners; zippered pencil cases, and wooden pencil boxes. When considering a perfect gift for the coloring lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of these ten items. They will put a smile on your loved one’s face while not putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do adults love to color so much?

It’s no secret. The popularity of coloring has taken off. There are coloring books and art supplies that are geared specifically towards adults. Many adults say that they love coloring because it relaxes them, allowing them to focus on what’s in front of them instead of all of the problems that occur during their days. Coloring also helps people to maintain their motor skills and develop or improve hand-eye coordination as well.

What start-up supplies would I need if I wanted to start coloring as a hobby?

Coloring has become the hobby of choice for many adults. Fortunately, coloring is a hobby that doesn’t involve many supplies or a high start-up cost. If you want to take up coloring as a hobby, here are a few supplies that you will need as an adult coloring enthusiast:

  • Coloring art erasers
  • Coloring books 
  • Art Pencils
  • Colored Pencils
  • Erasable Colored Pencils
  • Fineliner pens

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