Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Free printable coloring pages for adults can be an economical solution for your amusement. Coloring is not just for kids. It is an excellent way for adults who just need something creative to do to fill in time. It is relaxing, low-key, and easy. If you are stuck at home for whatever reason, all you need is a printer, colored pencils, crayons, markers, or even a tray of watercolor paints to brighten up a day of waiting or a lonely evening.

Here are Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults:

Free printable coloring pages for adults offer a way to download and print one or two pages when it is not convenient to drive to a store, a way to sample an artist’s work without purchasing a whole book, or to collect coloring pages that have a specific theme. Art supply houses, printable art websites, author pages, and more can provide hours of endless fun. All you need is a computer, a printer, and a way to color the picture.

 The term “Adult” coloring pages does not necessarily mean pictures or themes that you would not want to share with junior members of the family. They can, and frequently do, focus on complex or challenging coloring designs. They might include inspirational quotations, mandalas, garden-inspired designs, illustrations for stories, and, yes, occasionally something you might not want to share with the under-eighteens in your family. There are even coloring pages that can be used to help medical or botany students learn their trade. 

Free, Printable Coloring Pages

Yes, the bastion of home and school art supplies has free coloring pages for everyone. These are frequently seen themes suitable for late middle school colorists through retirees. While perhaps not particularly inspired, these coloring pages are intricate and might speak to some people as interesting or desirable themes. Crayola also offers directions for a variety of art projects.

Just Color

As the name suggests, this website is devoted to coloring pages for everyone. They can be sorted by pages for children or pages for adults and have a wide variety of themes and ideas, including mandalas and art therapy, but also nature, travel, seasonal or holiday pictures, history and stories, and art. 


Delicate line drawings are excellent for colored pencils or even for converting them into embroidery designs. The adult coloring pages are general themes, suitable for anyone who has mastered the basic use of crayons or colored pencils. 

Paint the World Super Coloring

Not as complex as some adult coloring pages; these would be great for colorists who want to try their hand at hatching or stippling. They are fine for flat coloring, as well, or for conversion to other mediums such as embroidery or latch hook patterns.

Faber Castell

As you might expect from this manufacturer of fine art supplies, they have some exquisite free coloring pages for adults. Divided by themes, they include mandalas, art therapy, fashion, fairies, art nouveau, flowers, and even woodcuts. Whatever your taste in adult coloring pages, you are sure to find something you will enjoy here.

Coloring Pages

This is a collection of themed coloring pages. These will be a good choice if you are looking for super busy pictures so that you can spend a long time on them. 

Happier Human

This page has only 35 coloring pages, but if you are looking for something to color that has an inspirational theme, then look no further. However, be aware that these pages are collected from other stock picture sources. 

Is it Overflowing

Looking for something a little less complex? These adult coloring pages from Its are perfect for markers. They have repeating patterns, mandalas, delicate, whimsical designs, and more. It will also work well with colored pencils and even with crayons. Great for use as wall art and embroidery as well.

Jan Brett Coloring Pages

There is no way you can have a list of free coloring pages and not include Jan Brett. She had generously provided free coloring pages based on her gorgeous picture books since long before adult coloring became popular. While these pictures are based on her adorable characters, making their content completely suitable for children, their amazing intricacy and sweet themes make them good for adults, too. 

We Are What Makes Us Human

Part of the Making Humanity virtual museum website, this collection is small compared to some of the other websites, but the pictures are rich in detail. Plus, if you browse the rest of the website, there are other things to make and do.

Color the World

The pictures of plants, animals, and people (including basic anatomy drawings). It is set up to be user-friendly for both children and adults, has an amazingly wide variety of subjects, and has both intricate and simple pictures. 

Coloring Although coloring

It is listed elsewhere, it is a user-friendly website for printing out pictures for studying anatomy. The pages include reproductive and urinary systems; therefore, some parents might wish to screen printouts for younger children. The pictures are, however, ideal for beginning medical students and those who want to refresh their memory of the correct terms for various parts. Coloring pictures provides another way to fix images and terms in the brain. 

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For Adults Only

It is just possible that there are teens and even some middle school students who would like these pages, but really, they are intended for the over-eighteen crowd. Still, if you are feeling particularly rebellious, these pages might be just the ticket. 

Swear Word Coloring Book

Free coloring pages from the author of F*CK off, This is My Coloring book, including “best of” from his books as well as some new pages and pages intended specifically for quarantine. You might expect some negative themes here, but many of them assure you that you are ready to take on the world and its foibles.

Cuss Words coloring Pages

Do not even open this page if you have delicate sensibilities. It is full of the words that your mother and father told you not to say, and that can get you sent to the principal’s office if you are a kid. If you are having a super bad day, these pages might be the ticket. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Free, printable coloring pages are a great way to round out your coloring book collection. If you find a good picture, you might want to print out a hard copy and keep it in a file for later use. Keep in mind, however, that storing some pictures might be a copyright violation, so read the fine print on the picture webpage. Also, if you want to color a picture to give as a gift, or if you want to use it as wall art, or create an embroidery design, do check your copyright stipulations on the website or the specific picture. 

With that said, free printable pictures can relieve those long, lonely evenings when friends and loved ones are far away, and you do not have access to a store. They can be the answer when you’ve either colored all the pictures you have on hand, or you’ve reached the point where the pictures you have on hand are the ones you did not want to color in the first place, or they are the ones that you are saving for a special moment. 

Adult coloring is a fantastic way to while away the time. It is easy to do, usually relaxing, and fully under your control. You do not have to share, although you can share your coloring habits if you wish. It is all up to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Coloring is not always about sharing. Sometimes you need a way to express precisely what kind of day you have had, and those pithy, Anglo-Saxon anatomical words are exactly what you need to describe your situation. Since they are your coloring pages, you are completely free to shred your “bad word” pages after you get the feeling out of your system. 

Or you might want to make a collection of your off-color coloring. As George Carlin so carefully explained to us, there are no bad words. There are bad feelings, bad attitudes . . but not bad words. Adult coloring is all about you. You probably won’t want to share these pages with the grandkids or even your children, and you certainly are not advised to print them out at work, but what you color at home is strictly up to you. 

Several of these pages are set up to include pictures for children. Isn’t this website about adult coloring?

Yes, it is. But some pictures are not exclusive to children. For example, Disney Dreams of Color, which is unfortunately not available in “free to print” format, has stunning pictures that can be enjoyed by old and young alike. Coloring is a highly individualized art that can be practiced alone or shared with family. 

What about copyright? Can you share these pictures or give them as gifts? Do you mention using some of them as embroidery patterns?

That is a super question, and the answer is, “It depends.” Copyright is a ticklish sort of subject that, unfortunately, needs to be determined on a picture-by-picture basis. The best answer is to read the website or book’s copyright restriction page and follow the directions carefully. It is the fairway to handle the artist’s work, as well. A lot of time is required to produce a good picture. Artists like to get paid, even if they have a regular day job that is unrelated to their art. If you are unsure about whether you can use a picture in a certain way, email or write to the artist and ask. 

I’ve found a beautiful picture, but I don’t have a printer, colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

Some apps are set up to allow you to use your phone or tablet to color pictures. If you are using a personal computer, you can download a Paint program (basic Paint is included with Microsoft. Open Office has a Drawing program. If the picture is free to download as a .pdf, you can usually copy and paste it into Paint or Drawing. Once it is there, with a little practice, you can use your computer to color your picture. Just one thing: Do keep an eye on that copyright. Not all printable pictures are free to download. 

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