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Coloring is a fun hobby and even a great professional pursuit, but paying for coloring books can be pricey. On top of that, sometimes you find an image that you want but not necessarily any of the others in that book.

There are thousands of free online coloring options for adults, including digital downloads. It can be difficult to uncover pages that are easy to navigate, but the best are:

They have a great variety of free pages, and the art is all clean and clear. Because each person’s taste is different, some of these pages may work for you, while others will not work at all. Read on to learn all about why they made this list and what they have to offer.

What You Need for Free Coloring Pages

While you have plenty of options for free digital downloads, if you want to color tangible copies of your pages, you will need to find a way to print them out. If you have a printer, you can just do this at home using whatever paper you have. We recommend that you opt for something a bit heavier than standard copy paper, which sits at a 20lb bond. Using something like 67lb cardstock will make it easier for your colors to lay down. If you plan on using a wet medium, you may want to go even higher than that.

If you do not have a printer at home, you can still get pages printed for less than a coloring book. Using a professional printing service like what is offered through UPS or FedEx may be a better option for you. Apart from printing your pages, you will also need something to color with. Most people use colored pencils, crayons, or markers. And that’s it. It does not take much to prepare for your coloring pages.

Best Places to Find Free Coloring Pages Online

If you search for free coloring pages online, you will be met with thousands of options, but not every page is the best. Here we have compiled a list of the best places to find free coloring pages online.

Each of these websites meets these standards:

    • They have a wide variety of free coloring pages available for digital downloads
    • The drawings are quality work.
    • Their website is easy to navigate.
    • You do not have to jump through hoops to get to the pages.

While they have these things in common, each one has distinguishing features that might make you choose one over the other. Read on to learn all about them.

Super Coloring

The coolest thing about the Super Coloring page is that they are available both for digital download and coloring online. Their online coloring is a bit simple as far as handling goes, but the interface improves if you are using something like a stylus or you are coloring on your phone. They have a massive collection of coloring categories, including everything from aboriginal art to pop art. They organize everything intricately, ensuring that you can narrow it down to a page you will love.

Best Coloring Pages for Kids

So the name of the page is Best Coloring Pages for Kids, BUT they did tag on “and Adults too!” (although that seems like an afterthought). What does not seem like an afterthought is their expansive adult coloring section.

You can choose from categories like landscapes, tattoo-inspired, and mindfulness to find the best coloring page to meet your desires. Their variety also encompasses all levels of difficulty, from stained glass concepts that are easy-to-color blocks to complex coloring pages.

Michael O’Mara Books

While this is a page from independent publisher Michael O’Mara, the page is full of online activities and coloring pages. You only get one page from each book for free, but the designs are intricate enough that you can color them over and over again without getting bored. For example, the geometric aspects of this fox coloring page can be colored over and over again, using color variations to change the mood and feel of the art.

You can color online or print the pages out, and you can always buy the books that they publish if you like the work. The page also includes activities like search and find and links to their applications if you are looking for a variety of ways to find peace.

Tried and True

If you love motivational coloring pages, this blog is full of them. These are great for coloring to put up around your house (mirrors are a great choice). Each quote is designed well and intentionally (meaning they are not just letters on paper). For example, this Toy Story coloring page says “Reach for the sky” and is designed with sheriff elements like Woody’s badge and lasso in mind.

The lunch box coloring pages are especially cute and unique, and they are a great way to go the extra mile and share some love.

Coloring Bliss

Let me start this off by saying that, yes, Coloring Bliss does have a subscription service. But that does not negate their free option. While the paid tiers give you access to more than 600 coloring pages, the free tier offers 30 days of coloring pages and resources, including:

Coloring for stress relief


Challenges that improve your ability

Just Color

If you want a massive library of coloring pages to choose from then, Just Color is your source. Their galleries encompass more than 2,500 options, including:


Psychedelic pages

Nostalgic characters

Eclectic designs

Regardless of your taste or experience level, they have something for you.

Top Coloring Pages

If you love coloring pages that are simple but relatable, Top Coloring Pages are strongly suggested. They split their gallery into five sections:

    • Mandalas
    • Relaxing
    • Tattoos
    • Famous
    • Bad Parking

The first four are self-explanatory, but the last one prompted a bit of research.

Bad Parking coloring pages are a comical solution to a common problem: running into other drivers who do not know how to park. Instead of stewing in your irritation, you can deliver one of these coloring pages to their vehicle and move on with your day.

Free Coloring Apps

So you cannot print out coloring pages on apps, but they are worth considering for a few reasons. Coloring apps have a low cost to start. You just need a phone, and you should be good to go. Because of this, they are great for versatility. You do not need to tote around paper and supplies, and there is nothing to clean up when you are done.

Another great thing about apps? It is easy to erase a mistake. Apps do not replace coloring on paper, but they are a great choice for bringing the tranquility that is built into coloring. It can be hard to find a truly free app, but most have a free option with paid features. These two apps are close to traditional coloring and have a decent base of free features.

Color Therapy

If you want to work with amazing artwork, you need to check out Color Therapy. They have pretty much anything you would want: cityscapes, women, renditions of famous paintings, dreamcatchers, and seasonal coloring pages (just to start).

With the free option, you get:

  • 30 basic solid colors
  • 24 basic gradient colors
  • You can also unlock additional colors by sharing them on social media or paying for them, but you can get by without doing either of those things.

Pigment True Coloring

This app probably has the most authentic coloring experience. Pigment True Coloring has creative brushes like watercolor, oil, and pastel. Their fun brushes add an interesting multimedia effect to your art. The pigment is also great for color-by-number style coloring because of its tap-to-fill mode. The app is compatible with virtually any stylus, and its palettes are professionally curated. They boast more than 5,000 illustrated pages, and they add new ones every day.

Check out more free resources HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an inkjet printer or a laser printer better for coloring pages?

Laser printers are better for coloring pages because they are of higher quality and less prone to smearing. Inkjet printers are more common in households, and using one should not affect your coloring experience much (if at all).

Can I make my coloring pages?

There is no reason you would not be able to. If you have drawing abilities, you can look into digital drawing, or you can even draw on paper and scan it in so the image can be reprinted over and over. Bonus points if you take the paper image and trace it.

Can I print my coloring pages on paper that is not white?

You can print them on whatever color paper you want—that’s the beauty of printing your pages. Just make sure your printer can handle that paper (things like construction paper can mess them up). You should also test how the paper color affects the color of your pencils, crayons, or markers.

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