What Are The Best Professional Colored Pencils? (No. 5 Is My Favorite) 

The best professional colored pencils depends on what the artist wants to achieve. Soft cores are prone to breaking but great for blending. So if you wanted to do a great sunset a soft core pencil would be best.  Hard cores hold a sharp point so are great for detail work. Also you want to keep in mind the pencil’s lightfast rating. This is the rate which pencils fade in light exposure.

A lot of artists tend to find pencils that are softer are considered better. These artists usually also use pencils with stronger cores for the detail work, so more professional artists tend to get a range of pencils. However, in my opinion pencils which are soft and firm enough for fine details are the best pencil overall, they give everything that an artist is looking for in a pencil. As stated in the title, number 5 is my favorite pencil on the list.

Here are the best professional-colored pencils. (No. 5 Is My Favorite):
1) Derwent Artists
2) Derwent Color Soft

3) Derwent Studio

4) Derwent Lightfast

5) Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

6) Blick Studio Artists’ Colored Pencil 

7) Colour Blend by Spectrum Noir

8) Prismacolor Premier Soft-Core Colored Pencils

9) Marco Raffine Fine Art

10) Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor

11) Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901

12) Uni-Posca Colored Pencils

13) Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils

14) Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils

First we will start off with the Derwent Pencils.

What Are The Best Professional Colored Pencils? (No. 5 Is My Favorite) 1. Derwent Artists Colored Pencils

These pencils have good color variations and blends well. When you blend with this pencil you a light hand, it will produce great results this way. They are smooth to color with and hold a sharp point. Has a wax based core. When you buy a set it comes with 120 colors.

2.   Derwent Color Soft Colored Pencils

Pencils are easy to blend and the colors are vibrant. The waxy core works well when layered. However, they are more expensive. They feel nice when you use them to color. Also they are not the best choice if you want to focus on fine details. These pencils have been compared to the feeling of using a pastel.

3.   Derwent Studio Colored Pencils

This brand of colored pencils do not blend as well as color soft, but have a harder core and are great for detail work. Because of the hard core these hold up to pressure quite well and if applied with a heavy hand the colors can be vivid. Comes with 72 pencils in an attractive wood box. A great pencil to add to a set of pencils with a softer core.

4.   Derwent Lightfast Colored Pencils

Soft and easy to blend, the colors will not fade up to 100 years under museum conditions. They have a great lightfast rating, thus the name. If you do choose to go with this pencil you will have to buy several packs for a good color range. They come in packs based on shades and do not come in packs with a complete color spectrum. They are expensive, but are great pencils.

What Are The Best Professional Colored Pencils? (No. 5 Is My Favorite) 5.   Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils

Faber-Castell Polychromos have a high lightfast rating. They have a firm lead and are perfect for the finer details of a piece. Blending with these pencils is effective even with the firm core but they do take more skill to blend. This can be an expensive pencil. And although these pencils are oil based there is no waxy bloom.

6.  Blick Studio Artists’ Colored Pencil 

This pencil has a firm core and also blends well. This pencil performs well on multiple types of paper and is easy to use. Also, produces a vibrant color and not too expensive. You can purchase this pencil at Blick stores throughout the United States, if you live outside the U.S. they may be hard to come by.

7.   Colour Blend by Spectrum Noir

Comes in color sets so you have to collect ranges to get a full color spectrum. This is a combination pencil with both a wax and oil based core. Easy to blend, but not as smooth, and the colors are usually vivid but a little inconsistant. Pencil breakage is common. A lot of colors in the set are similar in tone.

8.   Prismacolor Premier Soft-Core Colored Pencils

Smooth and buttery wax based core. Feels great to use and easy to blend. Vibrant colors and works on any paper. Easy for those who are experienced and those who are just starting out. Wax build up is an issue, and so is breakage. This is to be expected though because of the soft cores. They do not keep a sharp point well. The most affordable artist grade pencil.

What Are The Best Professional Colored Pencils? (No. 5 Is My Favorite) 9.   Marco Raffine Fine Art

A good choice for those with a low budget. They work great with quality paper, not so great with low quality paper like printing paper. This pencil is easy to blend, and holds a sharp point. But lacks in vibrancy. Easy to hold and the color the color produces is usually the same as the color preview at the end.

10.   Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor

These are oil based and nice to hold. Has a firm core and blends well. But it does leave crumbs. It has a small range of colors. This pencil has a great lightfast rating. When you buy the set, it comes with a wooden box which is great for holding your new pencils in.

11.   Caran D’Ache Luminance 6901

They are high quality, however, they are expensive. The colors are thick and vibrant with a buttery texture. Comes with a pencil case with slots for each pencil. Wax based and does leave a wax bloom. This pencil has a great lightfast rating.

More pro recommendations HERE.

12.   Uni-Posca Colored Pencils

The core is a mix of oil and wax. Because of their make up you can even use them on glass and metal. Their pigment is great and it’s a pencil that blends well. You can purchase smaller or larger set sizes for this pencil.

13.   Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils

Expensive and exclusive with a great color range. This pencil has a combination core as well, made of both wax and oil. It has a great buttery smooth texture and is a very popular pencil with artists.  They have a soft core but are not as prone to breakage.

What Are The Best Professional Colored Pencils? (No. 5 Is My Favorite) 14.   Staedtler Ergosoft Colored Pencils

Smooth colored pencils that blend well, and keep a sharp tip. They are bright pencils shaped like a triangle for ergonomic support. Also they come with a case which holds the pencils in place.  However, they do have a waxy bloom and are more expensive.

The pencils which you decide to go with is really based on what you need from them and your budget. Do you want the emphasis of your piece to be on how vibrant the colors are? Then go with something like, Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils or Uni-Posca Colored Pencils. For detailed work try something with a stronger core. If you are going for overall quality try, Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils.

Getting started coloring can be daunting considering how many options there are.  Not just a lot of pencils, but so many paper types, erasers, something that seems like a simple hobby can easily become complex. It’s really just about going with your gut and getting started. Have a good time coloring with coloring books, or sketching your favorite characters. The more you do it the more you will know what step you need to take next to build your skills.

Related Questions. 

Should I use oil based or wax based colored pencils?

The binder for colored pencils is either wax or oil, these two main ingredients act as a binder that holds the pigment together. Wax is the most popular choice for colored pencils. Wax based pencils are usually easier to erase and blend the best. Their soft cores break easier than oil pencils do. Oil based pencils are more expensive. They don’t layer as well as wax based pencils but they do not develop a wax bloom.

What is a wax bloom and how can I fix it?

There are two types of colored pencils, wax and oil. Wax bloom comes from the wax base of the pencils rising to the surface. Lighter colors are not as much of an issue for wax bloom, you can’t see it as well. But darker pencils the bloom is clear. To remove the wax bloom simply wipe it away with a paper towel, just be careful to not apply too much pressure.

How many colored pencils do I need to get started?

When just starting out buying a lot of pencils is expensive. Instead of buying a ton of pencils, buy a starter set and work on blending and perfecting your use of those pencils. You will build up your skills and discover more about what you like before investing in more pencils.

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