We Answer: Are Colored Pencils Erasable

We Answer: Are Colored Pencils Erasable?

When a writer makes a mistake they can use an eraser to make corrections, or just hit backspace a bunch to remove words from the screen. If a musician makes a mistake, they just have to start again. But when an artist makes a mistake, being able to fix it all depends on the medium in which they work.

We Answer: Are Colored Pencils Erasable

Are colored pencils erasable? While difficult to accomplish with an average pencil eraser, most colored pencil mistakes can be erased. The best option is to use a specially designed pencil eraser—also known as erasils—made specifically for colored pencils. They are available in most art supply stores or online.

What if you don’t have one of these specialty erasers or are unable to find one at the local shop? All hope is not lost, because in the world of colored pencils there is more than one way to undo the mess you did. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can remove that shade of red that just didn’t quite achieve the hue you had envisioned.

Tools to Erase Colored Pencil

Kneaded Eraser

This tool is made of a sticky putty-like material with the malleability to be shaped as needed for ease of use. It can be spread out flat to erase large swatches or rolled into a slender pencil shape for dotting away small spots of color.

Kneaded erasers lift the pigment off the page, reducing the risk of damaging the paper like some other methods have a tendency to do. This type of eraser is best suited for lightening colors versus full-color removal. Another benefit of kneaded erasers is how easy it is to clean them by simply folding it over and over again just like you would knead bread, hence the name.

These erasers can be found in most art supply stores, but if you don’t have a place nearby, there is an alternative; simple wall putty that can be found in hardware and home improvement stores has the same properties as kneaded erasers. The stickiness and shape-ability of wall putty will do the job just as well as a kneaded eraser.

We Answer: Are Colored Pencils ErasableVinyl Eraser

Also known as plastic erasers, these mostly rectangular shaped erasers are made of strong materials making them the toughest on the list. Vinyl erasers require gentle use so as not to tear the paper when erasing the mistake. They are so strong they are even able to remove most types of ink.

When using a vinyl eraser, the edge works the best at removing the color rather than a flat side like kneaded erasers. Remember to use a delicate touch with these heavy-duty erasers in order to remove the colored pencil without ripping the whole page to shreds.

Vinyl erasers can be found in art stores as well as office supply stores and are white in color. This type of eraser is popular with draftsmen and other artists in need of a clean and complete erasure of a drawing—or in this case, colored pencil mistakes.

Tape Method

This method of erasing colored pencil uses a combination of tools in order to make the desired corrections. The tape method comes in handy for those times you don’t have the special tools listed above. While it does require more steps than the kneaded or vinyl erasers, the tape method can be used when the other options are not at hand.

The tools required for the tape method include your average pencil eraser and tape. Artists have found that masking tape works best but clear tape will also do the job. It is important to note that the tape method requires a delicate touch to prevent damaging the paper.

The tape method works by applying pressure so the color adheres to the stickiness of the tape. Remember to lift the tape slowly to prevent tearing of the paper you are working on. This method is more ideal for large areas of color removal. However, if mastered correctly, it could be useful on detailed areas.

Electric Eraser

Another colored pencil erasing tool that is available on the market is the electric eraser. This pen-shaped device is battery powered and reduces the amount of hand-motion needed to erase the colored pencil from the page. These are great for artists who have medical conditions that impede their hand movements or conditions that are exacerbated by the repetitive back and forth motion used when erasing colored pencil marks from the page.

Choosing an Electric Eraser

When it comes to picking an electric eraser for your project, there are a great number of variables to consider. The first thing you are going to notice is the range in price. High-end electric erasers can cost as much as $50 for a complete kit whereas less expensive erasers are less than $10.We Answer: Are Colored Pencils Erasable

Important things to consider when comparing electric erasers are the durability of the eraser. If you need to make frequent corrections you’ll need a stronger eraser. However, if you only expect to use the eraser occasionally, durability isn’t as big of a factor. Another determinant for choosing an eraser is the tip size you’ll need, since only some brands offer varied sizes of erasers.

An additional aspect you will encounter when shopping for an electric eraser are the weight of the device. Some brands weigh in at over three-and-a-half ounces due to heavy batteries. Others boast of being as light as a feather, weighing in at under an ounce. These differences in weight are likely due to the strength of the motor, which can be an important factor when deciding which model to buy.

The final element to consider when making a decision about purchasing an electric eraser is its versatility. The higher-end erasers are used by professional artists because they offer precision in the hands of an expert; giving them not only an eraser, but a tool that enhances blending and shading for creating masterful works with ease.

Steps to Erasing Mistakes

After deciding what erasing method you will use to erase the colored pencil, there are steps that need to be followed in order to ensure you: (a) haven chosen the right tool for the job and (b) don’t cause damage to your paper while trying to erase the page.

Step One – Start by using the eraser on a small spot to see if you have chosen the right method for the job. Not every eraser works well with every type of colored pencil or on every kind of color pencil mistake. You will know you have chosen the wrong type of eraser if you begin to notice the color smears or streaks rather than coming off the paper.

Step Two – Be extra gentle when using colored pencil erasers. Since they are made from firmer materials than your regular pencil erasers, they are stronger and can more easily tear through the paper. Always take your time and be markedly patient when using a colored pencil eraser. Move slowly and gently rub the area to softly remove the color from the page.

How to Make Erasing Easier

Now that we’ve talked about what kind of colored pencil erasers are out there and how to use them correctly, let’s take a look at two things, you, as an artist, can practice doing to make erasing in the future much easier.

  • Light grip results in a lighter color – By holding the pencil in a loose grip it more easily glides across the paper. This gentle method of application ensures the color begins lightly and can gradually become darker as you make additional passes across the page. Using less pressure prevents the color from being embedded deep into the tooth of the paper, thus making it easier to pull back off the page if you need to make a change.
  • Build color in layers slowly and evenly – Start with one to two colors at a time and cover the entire area with a single layer of the first color before switching up to the second color. Continue adding layers of color, slowly building upon the previous layer. Be sure to maintain the sharpness of your colored pencil sharp throughout the entire coloring process. Keep a test sheet alongside your drawing to take note of the order which you applied the colors you are using to achieve the color you obtained. This is important because if you have to erase a small area, you will need to know how to rebuild it in the same order as the surrounding area.

Related Questions

1. Which type of colored pencil erases easier, oil-based or wax-based?

Oil-based colored pencils have a harder core than wax-based colored pencils, making them more difficult and time-consuming when it comes to erasing the color from the paper. That’s not to say oil-based colored pencils are not erasable, but rather that they are less likely to be completely removed from the fresh white of the page.

2. What types of colored pencil erasers are best suited for beginners?

The most user-friendly method of colored pencil erasing would be the colored pencil erasil. They are made of vinyl and in the shape of a pencil so they can be sharpened to a fine point. The next best option for beginners would be the kneaded eraser because of its flexibility of size and shape.

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