Best Halloween Coloring Books for Adults

The fall season is finally here — that means Halloween is just around the corner! And while many think it is a Holiday intended only for children, adults can also be filled with the seasonal spirit. Thus, in this article, we will share thirteen of the best Halloween coloring books readily available at, that were specially designed for adults.

Hence, without further ado, here are the top thirteen books (in no particular order) that you need for this fall season:

The Beauty of Horror I

Described as a “Gorgeous” coloring book, this paperback book includes designs that range from burial grounds and zombie apocalypse scenes to serial killer lairs and gruesome torture chambers. It was designed by comics creator/rockstar Alan Robert and is part of a three-book series that will take you on a spooky adventure like no other.

“I love it! The pictures are spooky and very pretty (considering the theme). A lot of the images are very intricate, but as long as you use thin pens or keep your colored pencils nice and sharp, this should not be a problem. The paper’s quality is very nice, thick, and easy to draw or color. I truly recommend this coloring book to anyone looking for a creepy coloring book for Halloween or if you are just fascinated by that kind of thing.”

Price: $13.78

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Everyday Horror

Another great book by Jade Summer, Everyday Horror, is an adult coloring book with disturbing images and disturbing scenes for every horror lover. It includes 15 models with frightening vampires, spine-tingling zombies, and mysterious creatures.

It is the perfect book for beginners and experienced colorists alike, providing tons of fun and an outlet for relaxation. Besides, it is available in paperback or as a PDF for online printing.

“Another Jade Summer book with a macabre theme, but it’s the detail and realism of the settings in the drawing style that make this book interesting. Not as many pages as some adult coloring books out there but the settings and the idea that horror could be an everyday thing for some people- even in an explicit stomach-turning way is what makes this book stand out.”

Price: $6.99

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Nightmare: A Horror Coloring Book

The Nightmare coloring book includes a variety of horror-themed designs from moderately creepy to absolutely terrifying! The book contains 25 single-sided pages for you to express your creativity, and it is suitable for all skill levels.

Besides, it comes with double images in case you make a mistake or simply wish to color your favorite images a second time.

“So much more than I expected! Beautiful and spooky all at once. A great way to kick off fall the right way….”

Price: $6.99

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Monstrous Mandalas: Coloring Book

A very different—yet exciting—approach to Halloween coloring books. The Monstrous Mandalas book includes 20 square format illustrations of “dark” mandalas featuring the world’s most infamous monsters from myth, literature, and pop culture such as vampires, Daikaiju, Chupacabra, witches, Wyrm, Medusa, and more.

Each page includes a mandala design, plus info about the creature. Plus, the book consists of additional illustrations for practice purposes and pages to test your colors.

“A unique book with some great mandalas. Besides the cool subjects and single-sided pages, this book also gives you a page showing a sample of each picture so that you can try color combinations or techniques before committing to the “real” picture.”

Price: $8.99

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Adult Coloring Book: Halloween (New & Expanded Edition)

The new 2019 version of this fantastic Halloween coloring book includes more than 100 illustrations with unique designs that go from pumpkins, haunted houses, and Jack-O-Lanterns to witches, skulls, and more. All of these were carefully chosen to provide hours of fun, stress relief, creativity, and relaxation.

The book features a variety of styles to please all levels of colorists. Additionally, it includes single-sided pages to lessen the chance of bleed-through and make for easy removal in case you want to display your work!

“Very hefty book and each picture has a page of its own to protect the other designs. Can’t wait to start coloring!”

Price: $9.97

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Halloween Adult Coloring Book by Creative Coloring

Creative Coloring has come up with 30 unique Halloween designs, including owls, cats, skeletons, and more — all put together in a slim paperback book.

The Halloween Adult Coloring Book is printed single pages for no bleed-through. Also, all designs are printed in high-quality pure white, acid-free, 60 lb. paper. It is suitable for teens and adults and makes a fun Holiday gift!

“Simple, cute, not extremely detailed to color. Perfect to be used for Halloween decor! Very low price for the book.”

Price: $6.99

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Horror Ghost Halloween Coloring Book

A fun and different coloring book made out of spooky intricate designs with detailed backgrounds. A book designed for relaxation, filled with shapes and forms that allow you to get into the ‘meditating state’ provided by focused coloring.

“Awesome Halloween horror artwork! Great spooky designs to keep you entertained when in the coloring mood.”

Price: $5.99

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Happy Halloween Have Fun (Series 1)

A 25-page book filled with pumpkins, witches, skeletons, and spiders specially designed for adults who enjoy coloring. The Happy Halloween Have Fun coloring book includes fun-packed activities to help you relieve stress and relax.

Plus, its slim paperback cover makes it easy to carry or store, making sure your collection stays all in one place.

“Filled with tight patterns that will keep anyone busy for hours. The book includes dozens and dozens of characters to illustrate any way you please. Be scary, be funny, be brilliant…no matter what method is chosen on one or many, this book is a bargain and delights all ages.”

Price: $6.99

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Horrors from the Crypt

A large print, paperback coloring book made of 40 nightmare-inducing illustrations. Horrors from the Crypt has a unique and original doodle-like design that allows for hours of meditation and relaxation.

Furthermore, the book includes detailed and beautiful illustrations printed in large one-sided pages perfect for adult coloring.

“Gorgeous! I’ve always been a horror fan, and this is perfect for quelling my coloring needs.”

Price: $6.59

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Halloween Fantasy Coloring Book For Adults

A 26-single-sided coloring book made up of Halloween and autumn-themed illustrations. Designed by Molly Harrison, figures include witches, vampires, fall fairies, and more!

The book is suitable for adults and older children and can be downloaded as a PDF. Besides, the best part is you can use not only colored pencils, but also alcohol markers, pens, and pastels.

“This is a cute book of Halloween Beauties. The drawings are very intricate yet simplistic. This book was of total joy…Don’t hesitate to buy it!”

Price: $8.99

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Night Magic – Gothic and Halloween Coloring Book

This Selina Fenech coloring book is not your average Halloween book, as it is filled with elegant designs and inspiring scenes. Illustrations include your usual vampires and witches but also dark angels, gothic ladies, and masquerades.

Furthermore, the book includes 25 designs with double copies for a total of 50 pages to color. As a result, you can try different colors, and mediums, share with a friend, or have a backup in case of an accident.

“Beautiful, enchanting drawings that I adore. I would love to have all of Selina Fenech’s coloring books.”

Price: $9.94

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Grimm’s’ Nightmares from the Otherworld

Stress-relieving coloring book designed by Julia Rivers featuring all the Halloween classic horror tales. It includes 40 different designs with detailed illustrations that have some explicit content.

Let your creativity run wild and relax with this exciting book filled with your favorite characters from all the Grimm’s stories.

“If you like coloring and are into the show Grimm, or have read the Grimm book, this is a must-have. Great pictures!”

Price: $6.59

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Halloween Coloring Book by Coloring Book Café

This adult coloring book features fun, creepy, and frightful Halloween designs specially designed for stress relief and relaxation. Made up of ready-to-color pages with bats, ghosts, pumpkins, haunted houses, and more, you are sure to be entertained for hours at a time.

Besides, each coloring page is printed on a separate page to avoid bleed-through and is suitable for different mediums, including markers, gel pens, coloring pencils, fine liners, and watercolors.

“This book was more than I thought it would be. The pictures are great. The artist did a great job of making each page unique. I cannot wait to begin coloring these wonderful pages.”

Price: $7.99

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There you have it! A combination of magical, beautiful, spooky, gory, and threatening designs piled up into thirteen amazing books to get you into the Holiday spirit. We are sure on this list you will find one or more to pique your interest — whether you are looking to explore your dark side, let your creativity run free, pass the time, or simply unwind.

And, if you are looking for fall-inspired books that are not necessarily ‘Halloweeny,’ we recommend you take a look at these last three titles:

Creative Haven Autumn Scenes Coloring Book

A book designed for experienced colorists with 31 amazingly detailed images celebrating the most colorful season. Creative Haven Autumn Scenes feature illustrations that go from falling leaves to abundant cornucopias and festive Thanksgiving scenes.

Besides, pages are perforated and designed for easy removal in case you want to showcase your work! Each title is also a great and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress.

“What a special coloring book! The pictures are very well put together and fun to color. Lots of farm scenes with produce. The theme runs from fall to Thanksgiving.”

Price: $5.99

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Country Autumn Coloring Book

An adult coloring book that features charming autumn scenes, relaxing country landscapes, and cute farm animals to welcome the season. This exquisite book is a fantastic tool to focus your mind and release stress.

The 25 single-sided pages include pumpkins, turkeys, ducks, jellies and jams, cute puppies, horses, home interiors, goats, a cornucopia, an apple orchard, and more. Plus, pages are also suitable for markers, gel pens, coloring pencils, fine liners, and watercolors.

“I love this coloring book. Great pictures! Fall is my favorite season. So, I knew I had to buy it! This book can be used the whole season, up to Thanksgiving.”

Price: $7.99

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Pumpkin Lovers Advanced Coloring Book

A book with 50 high-quality, unique, and beautifully designed pumpkins for stress relief, meditation, serenity, and relaxation. It comes with a paperback and a convenient square format (8.5″ x 8.5″) for home or travel. Plus, every page is single-sided to avoid bleed-through perfect for pencils, pastels, gel pens, and other mediums.

Moreover, the designs in the book range in complexity and are suitable for children over eight years old and older. Hence, if you are an autumn lover or a pumpkin enthusiast, this is the perfect book for you!

“Treat yourself to some peaceful moments, allow your mind to find rest with this awesome book.”

Price: $5.99

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